a beautiful breeze
The patented visionary design allows for easy in and out, no more fighting to stuff your mat into your carrier.

The visionary design allows for the Breeze to literally be wrapped around the Whisper in its folded rectangular shape. No drawstrings, zippers or fussy closures. With a tailored fit, your Whisper mat is perfectly protected. You’ll be in and out of the studio in no time flat. Just wrap and go!

The Breeze’s versatile reversible design allows for you to create two unique AND beautiful mat chauffeurs in one.

Go ahead, change your mind! With designer fabrics in rich colors, patterns and luxurious textures that are durable and stain resistant. Now you’ve got some options! The Breeze is much more than just mat transportation. With our of wrap-and-go styling, you can make an entrance and exit with ease. Easy care, spot clean. What more could you ask for? It’s a Breeze.

The Quiet Mountain Breeze is hand made with precision and crafted in the USA.

Each Breeze mat chauffeur is hand made especially for you. Painstaking care, precision, exceptional workmanship and the highest standards are paired with luxurious fabrics for a products that stands alone. We believe in keeping America working.

The Whisper and Breeze pairings are color coordinated.

Choose our luxurious color coordinated pairings of Graphite/Sky Whisper mat and Black Woven/Loden Breeze for a look of timeless sophistication, or Emerald/Sky Whisper mat and Emerald Mosaic/Sand Breeze for a modern, playful, vibrant look. Each Breeze has a patterned side and a solid textured sueded side with contrast trim. The only color coordinated mat and mat chauffeur available. We’ve thought of everything.

The Breeze honors simplicity, versatility and value.

Design that is pleasing to your sensibility, style that is pleasing to your senses. The Breeze is versatile, durable and an exceptional value. Two mat chauffeurs in one, the Breeze was designed without overkill; just what you need to get to the studio and back without feeling weighed down. Light, free and beautiful is how you will “feel the Breeze.”