letter from karen
Karen Palaszek, M.A. RYT
A Quiet Softness Creates A Softer Place to Land

Those of us in the Western world are not always attracted to the quiet, the stillness or the rest. Ironically, we seem to know on an intellectual level at least, that without the rest there is no work, without the stillness there is no action, without the quiet there is no “music of life.” And yet, it can still be difficult to choose to give ourselves the gift of balance and self love. Nurture yourself so that you may nurture others. Find compassion for yourself and it will be available to offer others, it truly is the most inspired thing to do. You need it, the world needs it. Find the wisdom to say, “yes” and the courage to honor your own needs. Within the silent celebration of your practice and that very sacred space of truth and peace, my wish is that you too will discover Quiet Mountain and find a softness at the heart of your practice; a softer place to land. I offer my continued prayers for your wellness, safety and happiness always.


Karen Palaszek, MA, 500 RYT
ParaYoga level 1 certified
Ayurvedic Consulting