Whisper Edgy. Modern. Inspired.
World's first integrated bolster mat for Yoga and Pilates
Product Styles
Graphite / Sky / Yoga Card
Emerald / Sky / Yoga Card
Graphite / Sky / Pilates Card
Emerald / Sky / Pilates Card

Whisper (Mat) With One Posture Card

The biggest difference in traditional yoga mats and QuietMountain Whisper mat is that the Whisper involves much more labor and time to fabricate. While flat yoga mats generally involve nothing more than being unrolled and cut from a spool of mat material, the Whisper must be expertly cut, carefully assembled and integrated.

*One Posture card of customers choice, yoga or pilates, is included in the purchase price of the Quiet Mountain Whisper.

** Photo shown does not depict whisper logo at top of mat and QuietMountain logo on opposite end.

*** corporate and studio pricing available.

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“This mat is one of those perfect examples of east meeting west to create an evolutionary product improvement. I particularly love that I don't have to fumble for my blanket to cushion sore knees or to elevate my hips, and it's also a wonderful comfort for my back.”
- Rita Treiger, Editor in Chief Fit Yoga magazine