Breeze Sleek. Smart. Effortless.
Our signature companion mat chauffeur
Product Styles
Emerald Mosaic / Sand
Black Woven / Loden

Breeze (Mat Chauffeur)

Our breeze mat chauffeurs are all hand made by experts to give you the most durable and beautiful result possible. At QuietMountain we are always working to give you the best value possible on all our products. The breeze is made with luxurious fabrics in a choice of color combination to pair with your whisper mat.

* corporate and studio pricing available.

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“The Breeze is both chic and convenient — its super-stylish, lightweight construction lets me comfortably carry my Whisper mat (not lug it) to the studio, park and all around NYC. Better yet, the sturdy and slip-free Whisper's attached bolster facilitates a complete and effective workout. Love it!”
- Amanda Altman, Assistant Editor, Pilates Style Magazine