Yoga Posture Card

Available with Purchase of Whisper

The Posture Card provides well researched, detailed instructions for Quiet Mountain whisper usage. It features a beautiful instructional photo layout with photographic “cues” and example postures for suggested placement and usage in a wide variety of postures. Also included is a very detailed section individually breaking down each posture category, offering placement instructions, listing specific postures and the benefits of using the whisper in each of the posture categories. For your convenience, the layout is such that as you become acquainted with usage and content, you can simply leave the Posture Card open to the photo layout near your mat as you practice, as a gentle reminder. The Posture Card is printed on 11"x17" heavy card stock to offer durability and increase longevity. One free posture card available with the purchase of a Whisper mat.

“Recommendations: Quiet Mountain products are designed to enhance and support the effort and enjoyment of your Yoga and/or Pilates practice. We have made every effort to ensure that all instructions included for our products are safe and accurate. We recommend that you seek the guidance of a qualified instructor when using these products. Visit, or to find a qualified teacher in your area. We highly encourage you to consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.”