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Cave of the Mala-Bed™ - TRUTH Collection

The Cave of the Mala-Bed™, has been intentionally infused with the sacred and consciously crafted with homage to the beauty, simplicity and richness of divine influence, echoing these exquisite qualities. It's the perfect little sacred space to tuck-in your mala beads between practices.

There is great power in the Truth.

It can set us free. It can heal us. It can restore wholeness. If we live it, deeply and reverently it can bring us back to the best parts of who we are and are meant to be. Truth in its many forms, is the inspiration for this collection. We all express our truths in different ways at different times in our lives.

So, what's YOUR Truth?

BEAUTY Do you love the beauty in nature? In the arts? Do you see beauty through the lens that you look at yourself and the world? The ability to find beauty in all things requires a wise and open heart. For you, Beauty, the heart of truth.

COURAGE Do you act fearlessly in your truth? Fight for truth? Does your strong will and discipline fuel your expression of truth? The ability to defend truth requires strength, intelligence and courageous action. For you, Courage, the fire of truth.

GRACE Do you believe actions speak louder than words? Do you perform anonymous and random acts of kindness? Do you have the inner vision to do the right thing even when things get tough? The ability to act in harmony for the greater good where heart moves into hands. For you, Grace, the hands of truth.

JOY Do you seek and find joy in your life? Do you know the feeling of inner radiance? In good times and not so good times, does joy remain the place you return to for nourishment and stability? The ability to find light and be the light in all situations is true joy. For you, Joy, the light of truth.

* Due to the artisan hand made quality of the items, there is a two week of wait on order fulfillment.
** Specific fabric patterns available in limited quantities.


Special Features

“May you experience the true beauty of radiant Light unfurling from the cave of your own heart-of-gold. Thank you for practicing. We can light this world—one heart at a time.”
- Karen, Yogini * Entrepreneur * Creator