you have breathed "life" into QuietMountain

I have you to thank for the birth of QuietMountain, as it is much due to your inspiring me, that I have created it. Having seen you at conferences and workshops, I realize your intention to transform. Infinite vitality and joy become available to experience when we choose to embrace change.

I join you on the journey to develop your practice with care, creating a personal and authentic reflection of your intention. I share your curiosity and excitement to integrate new dimensions and seek out opportunities to grow. Savvy, smart and sophisticated you embrace the discovery of infinite richness and depth in your practice and life. You have all enriched my life and truly demonstrate and embody the beauty that lies within this community that I am so very fortunate to be a part. Namaste.

You are the heart of QuietMountain



Sue -
Comments: The Mala-Bed gives me the sense that my Mala beads are safely protected and cherished in a special sacred space. With Gratitude, Sue N.


Lucy -
Comments: Dear Karen, I just LOVE my Mala-Bed! The design and material create a beautiful resting place for my mala. It has become a sacred and tender ritual to tuck my mala in after my practice. Thank you! Lucy


Jodi -
Comments: I absolutely love my Quiet Mountain Mala-Bed. Mala beads are extremely personal and sacred and deserve a beautiful sacred place to nestle when not being used. I was searching for the perfect pouch when I learned of the Quiet Mountain Mala-Bed. I never gave it a second thought. Each Mala-Bed is imbued with its own energy and prayer, which makes the Mala experience and the energy derived from the Mala-Bed that much more special. Handcrafted with love and radiant energy by Quiet Mountain...I love it! Jodi B


Pam -
Comments: I love knowing that my sacred Mala has a beautiful place to rest between practices. And not only is my Mala-Bed beautiful, it was infused with Divine mantras and love when it was being created by a devoted yogini with pure intentions. I adore it! Thank you Karen! Pam M


Tricia -
Comments: My Mala-Bed is beautiful on the outside. I always go for floral. When I'm traveling, the size is perfect, it fits in one hand, so easy to pack where it's handy to pull out. But it's the inside where the magic is. It opens to "Cave of the Heart" seen inside and Karen's essence, that this was truly made with her "juice" and I feel it every time I open it. Tricia F


Faith -
Comments: I love my Mala-Bed! The fabric is beautiful, the design elegant and practical and the craftsmanship exquisite. It is a pleasure to look at, to touch and to use as a bed for my mala beads. Truly a sacred work of art! Faith L