elevate your mat, elevate your practice

Within this true evolution to the traditional mat, has emerged an entirely new category of practice mats. Not the typical roll and cut mat, the Whisper is an original innovation like no other. It incorporates the best qualities of a traditional practice mat with the carefully crafted addition of specialized padding, cut, constructed, strategically placed and integrated into the 5 mm base mat. The result, a ”whisper” of support just where you need it, when you need it, and a welcomed protective comfort to knees, wrists, shoulders, hip bones and sit bones throughout your practice.


For those ready for a fresh approach. This new category of progressive products are truly for the practitioner seeking and ready to whisper their practice to a new elevation.

The Whisper also come with a Posture Card, which is a fully detailed, stand alone instructional layout with photos and information, available in your choice of yoga or pilates.

The Whisper: an entirely new category of practice mats.

There is no other mat on the market with the specialized patented bolster and so there is no other mat that compares with the Whisper. The traditional yoga mat has officially evolved! Take care in cultivating a connection with the bolster and you soon won't know how you practiced without it. Enjoy the added support where you need it when you need it with our visionary design and tremendous versatility. That's the Whisper.

Bring a modern, edgy and exciting new quality to your practice.

Traditional mats are one thing: flat. The Whisper has a strategically placed integrated bolster. The strategic placement of the bolster is such that it meets you where you are in your practice, it exemplifies elegant simplicity by providing you the comfort of a prop wrapped up in an all-in-one design. Truly the evolved way to practice. Modern, edgy and visionary, the Whisper makes available exciting new dimension and depth. Take your practice to the next level.

The Whisper provides all the added comfort without the added weight.

The Whisper eliminates the need for the thick, all over heavy mats which can be cumbersome, awkward and inconvenient to pack, travel with and tote. Travel light and have the comfort just where you need it in a lightweight mat with sleek foldaway styling.

A Whisper of support that provides tremendous ability to remain comfortable in postures longer, while decreasing distraction due to discomfort.

Have you ever “left” a posture prematurely because of pain or discomfort? Say good bye to those days. The support of the Whisper is subtle, never overpowering. The bolster is where you need it when you need it without being intrusive. Smart. Subtle. Dependable. Go deeper, stay longer. It is possible to go prop-less in comfort.

The placement of the word “Whisper” at the top of the mat helps to maintain clarity and a focused calm during practice.

Who doesn't need a gentle reminder now and then? The Whisper is there for you, helping to keep you in the “happy zone” all through your practice. We’ve gone to great lengths to address every possible element of your practice to make the time you spend on the mat more effective, meaningful and enjoyable.

The Whisper folds instead of rolls, into a sleek rectangular shape, which not only makes travel a “breeze,” but also offers more “life” than a blanket.

To give you even more, when folded the Whisper makes a wonderful meditation seat with a personalized fit that ergonomically molds to your physical form with the warmth and weight of your body, allowing for more comfort and a deeper undisturbed meditation.

We’ve even provided a guide to help you get started.

Included in the retail price of the Whisper, are Posture cards, available in both disciplines of yoga and pilates which are the official instructional guides for practitioners as they acclimate themselves to the Whisper. Posture cards come in heavy card stock and can be placed upright or flat next to your mat for easy accessibility. Included are photographic cues for placement as well as written instructions. Postures are named in Sanskrit and English for yoga. Continuing to add your own creative applications specific to your personal preference further increases versatility, bringing a new sense of playfulness and exploration every time you come to the mat.